Manual Neurotherapy and Nerve Reflexology (MNT-NR)  are both therapies that do not focus on the expression of pain (there where it hurts = symptomatic) but on all the components that cause the ultimate feeling of pain (why it hurts = causally). It is the nervous system that causes the feeling of pain and that is why all therapy acts focus on the various components of the nervous system responsible for the pain.
Pain is an emotional and sensitive experience. It is excited by a circuit of brain centres on the basis of information from the body. This information can come from the locomotor system and/or from the organ system. All information is mixed in the brain circuits with emotional processes such as anxiety, stress, learning processes, etc... On this basis, the brain circuits decide whether the information is dangerous for the person and then generate the pain.
The "feeling of pain" is therefore a "final result" of different components:
- physical loads, overloads or tissue damage in the musculoskeletal and/or organ system,
- emotional experiences.


Other factors can enhance or reduce the intensity and duration of the pain. Also here we recognize:

  • physical environmental factors such as climate (heat-cold-humidity-drought) or air pollution, oxygen levels and others...
  • emotional environmental factors connected to family and friends such as understanding/misunderstanding, empathy/apathy.

Loads from the body and the physical environment are always recorded by the peripheral nerves that we find all around in the body. They bring the message through the spinal cord to the brain.
The emotional components are processed in special centres of the brain itself.

Manuele Neurotherapie (MNT) en Zenuwreflexologie (NR) zijn beide bijzondere manuele behandelwijzen die van nut zijn bij acute maar zeker ook bij chronische pijnen.

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