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Manual Neurotherapy (MNT) and Nerve Reflexology (NR) are both specific manual therapies useful in acute but certainly also in chronic pain states. In many pain states, dysfunctions in the movement system and organs often show up together. The nervous system plays a central role. Therefore, all techniques of MNT and NR act on a "reflective" way on the nervous system.
Both therapies use as a central technique Nerve Reflexology with nerve reflex points on the various foot bones. The pressing of these points has a targeted and precise impact on the various parts of the nervous system.
Nerve Reflexology can be combined with other techniques like foot reflexology, massages, mobilisations and other.
In Manual Neurotherapy, Nerve Reflexology is combined with other manual techniques on the body. All with the same goal: changing pain processes in the nervous system.


MNT and NR can provide help in acute and chronic pain states including:

  • low back and neck pain,
  • other complaints in the musculoskeletal system,
  • migraine and other headaches,
  • fybromyalgia, chronique fatigue, neuralgia, etc.

MNT and NR are no medical therapies! They restore or recover dysfunctions in the movement, organ and nervous system. Dysfunction is here to be understood as an "impairment". This is in contrast to “diseases” involving serious changes in tissues and whose treatment is the exclusive domain of medical doctors.

Diseases can also entail a lot of dysfunctions. In collaboration with the physician MNT and NR could offer an extra help.

Manuele Neurotherapie (MNT) en Zenuwreflexologie (NR) zijn beide bijzondere manuele behandelwijzen die van nut zijn bij acute maar zeker ook bij chronische pijnen.

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