Nerve Reflexology

Nerve Reflexology


Nerve Reflexology is the central element of the treatment programme.Points which have been accurately localized on the various bones of the feet, have a direct effect on a nerve or nerve structure via numerous pathways to and from the brain.

The method uses a static pressure on each point until the elicited pain sensation fades away but, not all points respond with pain. 

Only when the nerve or nerve structure is overloaded, will the reflex point will respond with a pain sensation.

The effect of nerve reflexology is instantaneous and can be controlled by reducing pain in the nerve itself, or, in the tissues controlled by that nerve. Any tensions or pain in muscles and organs can be rapidly decreased.

The nerve reflex points cover the entire nervous system including all nerves in the musculoskeletal, organ and hormonal systems. There are also nerve reflex points for the various brain structures.

Nerve Reflexology offers a complete holistic treatment when used alongside other techniques such as massage and mobilisation.




Manuele Neurotherapie (MNT) en Zenuwreflexologie (NR) zijn beide bijzondere manuele behandelwijzen die van nut zijn bij acute maar zeker ook bij chronische pijnen.

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