MNT-NR International ® offers two trainings.
Nerve Reflexology. Manual Neurotherapy.

Nerve reflexology

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.

We invite you to read carefully the complete information for this training. So we are sure you understand our goals and concept.

-> Nerve Reflexology : goals and contents

-> Nerve Reflexology introduction

Participants are free to finish the training after Nerve Reflexology or to continue and enhance their skills by following the Manual Neurotherapy training.


Manual Neurotherapy

Masterclass 1:

- visceral and hormonal physiology

- impact of organs and hormones on pain

- manual techniques on the body for organ mobilisations

- assessing organ dysfunction

- anatomical and topical foot reflexology

- combining manual techniques, nerve reflexology and foot reflexology

Masterclass 2:

- assessing the musculoskeletal dysfunctions

- spine tuning

- soft tissue tuning

- combining nerve reflexology and manual neuro techniques

Masterclass 3:

- Pain physiology: peripheral, central cord and brain processes in pain

- Assessing the nervous system: peripheral, central cord and brain.

- Total treatment in chronic and central pain states

- Coaching in coping pain strategies.


The directors of MNT-NR International ® are convinced that hey offer by these trainings a great help in the treatment of complex chronic pain states.

Griet Rondel, Nico Pauly, Norbert Gosch.

Manuele Neurotherapie (MNT) en Zenuwreflexologie (NR) zijn beide bijzondere manuele behandelwijzen die van nut zijn bij acute maar zeker ook bij chronische pijnen.

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